GREAT JOY Opt is a fast-developing company that specializes in anamorphic industry. Our mission is to bring high-quality yet budget-friendly anamorphic lenses and adapters to life. As a booming global company, our business has earned the reputation because of the superior build quality, exceptional affordability, and good customer service.

GreatJoy 1.8x series has won great attention, received lots of suggestions and feedback from our fans and supporters. Though some challenges presented in our early development process, our team has succeeded thanks to hard work and the understanding and support of our users along the way. We are thrilled to see the incredible footage created with GREAT JOY lenses and adapters that have been shared by our fans.


1.33x Anamorphic

In 2021, we launched a combination of a 1.33x Full Frame Anamorphic Lens and a 1.35x adapter.


Great Joy 1.8x Anamorphic

In 2022, we released a GREAT JOY 1.8x line: 50mm Anamorphic Lens, 35mm Anamorphic Lens and 85mm Anamorphic Lens.



In 2023, We just released our new brand BLAZAR. Blazar has also collaborated with professionals and filmmakers, aiming to bring users an extraordinary

See the Great Joy on the field

The Great Joy 50mm 1.8x T2.9 surprised me in a good way, despite some of its flaws. The 35mm 1.8x T2.9 follows in those same footsteps but it has improved on a lot of the shortcomings of the 50mm. The lens is ridiculously cheap for what it is, and furthermore, at this price point, the lens doesn’t have any direct competition.

Matthew Allard ACS

If you love anamorphic shots but shy away from the over-the-top, sci-fi-esque lens flares characteristic of the category, you might find a winner here. This is one intersection where the Great Joy lens becomes an incredible compromise.

No Film School

My top pick set among the available budget options in the market right now

Anamorphic On a Budget