NERO 1.5x Anamorphic Adapter

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Ready to enter the anamorphic world and define your unique style? Look no further than NERO 1.5x Anamorphic Adapter - the ultimate starter kit for anamorphic enthusiasts!


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Flare: Blue

About the NERO 1.5x Anamorphic Adapter

Introducing BLAZAR NERO, the ultimate anamorphic adapter that packs a punch! Weighing in at only 399g, this bad boy is the lightest and most compact adapter out there, making it the perfect travel companion for all your lens support needs. And with a 1.5x anamorphic squeeze, you can capture stunning widescreen footage with ease. Don't let a heavy setup hold you back, get BLAZAR NERO and take your content to new heights!


NERO 1.5x Anamorphic Adapter